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Still working my ticket

This past weekend marked six months since 43 men and women left Camp Alpine and Wood badge course N2-640-17 exhausted and inspired ready to take on the world with tickets in hand. 

I was lucky enough to staff that course. I helped my Bears craft their visions and goals (it was all them I just helped with some wording) sitting in that big conference room till way to late. I was pretty confident that they all had the ability to fulfill their goals for themselves and their units. And a few months ago the first course I staffed (n2-388-16) closed and all 35 participants completed their tickets. 175 mini projects that helped strengthen the scouting community. I'm glad my Buffaloes contributed 30 of them. Then I look back at my own ticket and I think I could have been more ambitious. I should have pushed myself harder rather than push myself just enough to get my beads first. I ended up getting my beads fourth in my class (after two of my fellow eagles and a bear). My five goals in retro…

We are now Scouts BSA

In a past career part of my responsibilities had to do with branding. I had stacks of branding guidelines and every book my department created and all those that outside licensees created with our Intellectual Properties had to adhere to. It was so important, the company had a division called brand management. Branding is a big business. Today, the Boy Scouts of America has announced that they are changing their brand. Starting in February of 2019 the program of the Boy Scouts of America currently known as Boy Scouts will be known as Scouts BSA. This will coincide with the admission of girls (11-17) into the program. Currently, kindergarten through fourth grade girls can join the Cub Scouts. In the 1970s the now 108 year old organization  rebranded itself Scouting USA. But that name never caught on and by 1980 it was all but gone. I get that there needed to be a new name, but I'm not sure that Scouts BSA is the right name. It feels clunky and redundant especially since the word Sc…