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Recognize your adults ... I’m knot kidding 

As was often the case, on the floor of the dusty science lab that we had out weekly Tiger Den meetings. I was in very simple turns explaining one of the methods of scouting... uniforms. Particularly I was convincing a group of six year olds that after spending a full school day in a Catholic school uniform that they should spend another hour in a different uniform. Honestly I was just looking for them to wear uniform shirts, their blue school pants were close enough for me. The parents were all on board and were in the process of getting uniforms for the boys. If I have learned anything in all my years as a scouter is that you can’t get a kid to come to a meeting in uniform if you don’t wear yours. So each week I would wear one of my uniform shirts (since we were a belt up den). Then as we sat there one of them asked if they would have all the patches on their shirts that I did. I told them that there would be some patches that would be the same, but most of these patches I earned. An…